Mountain Heart Nepal

MHN Lounge

MHN Lounge

Meet up (almost) any time in the MHN Lounge! If you would like to meet up with MHN volunteers or other participants for informal, small group discussions in various topics, we encourage you to make use of this space! The Lounge is ideal for small group conversations (note that tables have a maximum of 5 people per table!). You will be able to click into the Lounge *almost* any time. 

To join, here is the link:

Once you sign in with a google account, you will enter the MHN Lounge lobby area. To join a table for a meet-up, simply click on a numbered table that is empty. You can also drop in on another table where you see other people and join the conversation around a particular topic!

The website will use your microphone and camera.

See you then!