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Clinical research is critical in improving health and healthcare in both developed and developing countries. However, the contribution of healthcare professionals to strengthen local literature is comparatively lower in our country. Some authors attribute the reason for this to lack of adequate training and research programmes in Nepal.

As a result, there is a considerable gap in the evidence to address the enormous burden of disease that we carry. Similarly, the lack of proper training in research has introduced concerns about the quality of the study and ethical principles.

Moreover, clinicians need to understand that we cannot contribute to an improvement in practice unless we develop our own research question.

Therefore, Mountain Heart Nepal aims to train the researchers of the future by regularly providing research training and also by involving in research projects.

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The clinical research training is delivered by Dr Aban Gautam who studied Masters in Clinical Research and a current doctoral student at the University of Plymouth.  The booking for the training can be made by hospitals, institutions, government bodies and organizations by sending the completed form to  Check our past conferences “International Workshop on Research Methodology 2019“.

For individuals, please check our events page to enrol in our online training or journal clubs.

In addition, we are working to bring expert local research scientists in our pool to expand the depth of expertise or methodological approaches. The call is also to international research scientists/community of developed countries to forge mutually beneficial partnerships for the implementation of a research project in Nepal. If you would like to join our research team or collaborate for research projects in Nepal, please email us today at

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