Mountain Heart Nepal

In the noble cause of providing quality and affordable healthcare for all, we are aiming to do more by constructing our first-rate, non-profit, hospital in Nepal: Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital (

The proposed hospital will provide quality treatment for a very low price (lower than any other hospitals) to everyone and free treatment for the patients who cannot afford treatment. The low fee policy based on the ability to pay would enable the hospital to become self-sustainable and support Mountain Heart Nepal’s projects to make health care accessible to those residing in difficult geographical locations throughout Nepal. Besides mobile clinics, Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital would also be involved in constructing outreach centres, where there will be a routine mobilization of clinicians and consultants from the hospital. Additionally, the hospital will provide an environment for the teaching and learning skills required to deliver quality care.


We named our hospital- Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. The reason behind the naming of the hospital can be extracted from the Sanskrit word “Siddha” meaning enlightenment and “thali” meaning a place in Sanskrit. Hence the hospital name “Siddhasthali” means the place of enlightenment. The idea behind the word Siddhasthali is that whoever/ professionals want to become great among you and have a meaningful life “enlighten” may wish to come and spend time and skill in this hospital.

The hospital is a non-profit registered in 2019. There are five board of trustees who are the governing body of the hospital. The board is chaired by Dr Aban Gautam.

The aim of the hospital is to establish a cost-effective, context-appropriate community-based health centre to provide healthcare services to improve public health and save health-related expenditure. Its objectives are:

Objective 1: To provide affordable and quality healthcare for all, in particular, free healthcare to deprived groups, marginalized people, women, and children.

Objective 2: To meet the health needs of people residing in rural Nepal through comprehensive promotive, protective, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative care by strategically prioritizing key health care services aimed at individuals and families.

Objective 3: To establish outreach centres, conduct and collaborate for clinical research and to be an effective centre of excellence.

Objective 4: To rapidly mobilize hospital staff to respond to epidemics, floods, and landslides through health camps.

Objectives 5: To systematically address the broader determinants of health (including social, economic and environmental factors, as well as individual characteristics and behaviour) through sustainable programs.

Objectives 6: To empower individuals, families, and communities to promote and protect health and well-being.

The logo for the hospital was drawn for free by image ark who were also doing the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

The 2D plan for the hospital was drawn for free by Jake Winter of Ackroyd Lowrie Architects, London.

The working drawing using Revit software and 3D walkthrough was drawn for free by a Nepali architect- Anil Gautam from Nepal Engineering College.

Chance for Nepala UK registered charity added value to this hospital by adding a sensory garden dedicated to Jenny Bradshaw. The Jenny’s memorable garden will be our small tribute to a 22-year-old country girl from the UK who died tragically from an asthmatic attack. Two years previously she had visited Nepal and undertaken some volunteering work. Jenny had loved both the people and the country of Nepal. The garden is designed by Andy Sturgeon, an 8 times gold medalist at the Chelsea Flower Show and overall winner in 2019.

For any inquiries relating to the progress of the proposed hospital, or if would like to get involved in any way, please contact us at

Keep an eye on opportunities to help with ongoing construction work at the hospital:

We are looking for funds to support our construction work, electrical, sanitary work, hospital equipment and furniture. To find out more about the need, please email at or

We will be creating expenses tracker with hospital progress details very soon!