Mountain Heart Nepal

Our Projects

Strengthening local health systems

We identified several obstacles in the procurement capacity of local health centers related to health commodities in Nepal. These were mostly related to unfriendly policy, politics, finances, communication issues, remoteness, and disasters imposing the most significant concern to access to health care in rural and remote areas of Nepal. The patient’s care may be delayed1

First responders

With doctors and other qualified professionals not readily available in remote areas, Mountain Heart Nepal is aiming to create community first responders to prepare for expected and unexpected natural hazards and health issues in the mountains. While working in resource-poor settings in the rural communities, we realized that it is often the first responders from the1

Magical read

A book is a gift you can open again and again The treacherous and complex landscape is a principal problem responsible for widespread ill health; inequitable educational facilities, and ineffective health services in rural areas of Nepal. Given the extensive needs of country populations living in extreme poverty, coupled with severe inadequacies of national health1

Empowering through health research

One of the pressing puzzles Nepal has is undermining the importance of research. This can be highlighted from the fact that there are no research programs in the undergraduate medical curriculum. We investigated various barriers to participate in health research from recent medical graduates. Those who did not receive formal research opportunity in the undergraduate1

Clinical attachment in the UK

Mountain Heart Nepal has partnered with a University hospital to recommend one medical student to come to the UK from Nepal for a four weeks elective exchange program. The objective of this program is to improve cross-cultural communication and support our colleagues to broaden their clinical method, develop their leadership skills, and to continue their1