Tertiary Hospital and Clinics

hospital and clinics

MHN aims to build a nonprofit tertiary level hospital that will provide quality treatment for a very low price to anyone and free treatment for the underprivileged. Any revenues from the hospital would go to MHN so that it can continue to carry out its projects and make health care accessible to those residing in difficult geographical locations throughout Nepal.

MHN will also build free outreach clinics in areas that are hard to reach because of difficult terrain. The staff from the tertiary hospital will be mobilized routinely in such areas so that people can receive quality health service from trained health professionals.

Medical Camp

medical camp

MHN conducts medical camps in remote areas of Nepal and provides free medical treatment to around 10,000 people each year. We are a young and passionate group of Nepalese doctors, nurses, medical assistants, medical students and youth organizations who use our skills to make healthcare more accessible in remote regions. Since the establishment of MHN in June of 2015, we have conducted 24 medical camps in 12 districts and have helped more than 16,000 people. In order to remain in touch with patients from former medical camps, MHN has been using telemedicine as a means to continue treatments in remote areas.

Health Education and Training

library 2

We provide training to female community health volunteers and local leaders in areas such as primary health care, reproductive health, maternal and children’s health and emergency first aid. We also provide health education to the school children of different grades through various interactive and multimedia techniques.

Referral system

referall system

We make necessary arrangements for the patients of rural villages that require the medical and surgical intervention at tertiary hospitals through the use of a referral system with our partner hospitals. With an MHN referral a patient will be charged a very nominal fee or no fee at all depending upon the patient’s economic condition.

Environment and Tourism


We conduct community cleaning and sanitation action and awareness programs. We also participate and support in Ponds, lakes rivers cleaning programs.



In this project, underprivileged children from remote mountain regions are being sponsored to study any health related disciplines.

Library Project


We donate books to local libraries and schools in Nepal. We wish to enable children who may not have access to a public library to discover the world of books. We also provide child friendly chairs and tables, colorful carpets, listening centers, puppets, motivational posters and more if possible.

Disaster Relief


The objectives of our Disaster Relief project are:

  1. Renovating and rebuilding damaged schools and health post.
  2. Distribute tents, foods, clothes and medicines to the needy places.
  3. Building or reinstalling toilets and washing facilities.
  4. Conduct mobile medical camps to prevent outbreaks of diseases.
  5. Trauma and Psychological healing Relief Programs.