MHN to support clinic located in Everest Region through volunteer Exchange

Nepal is a country full of people with noble hearts. Their hearts are not only strong but also welcoming, despite the surrounding devastation. With hearts as strong as the mountains of the Himalayas, everyone can learn something from the hospitality and resilience of these mountain people.


However, these same people are often times unable to receive proper medical treatment due to the remoteness of their villages. Despite the government’s best efforts many areas in the Everest region have relied solely on nursing professionals. We at Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN), dream to make accessible healthcare a reality. We dream that no single person will be without effective medical treatment just because of his/her geographical location. We remain committed to the best in order to improve the standard of healthcare for the people in our reach. We also dream to build clinics to provide quality health services in places where it was previously considered a luxury.

In order to realize this dream, we have launched a campaign, to bring about change. We have joined hands with a Ghau Ghar clinic located in Dudhkunda-9, Solukhumbu, where we will mobilize the national and international skilled health volunteers, to help the community.


This community based initiative will not only provide skill development training to the nurses there but also provide first aid training to the local villagers. We believe in community participation on every step and hope this small step of ours will bring about a positive change in the lives of locals. As our resources continue to grow, this campaign will continue to spread to other districts of Nepal.