Medical Camp at various places of Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha District


Mountain Heart Nepal in collaboration with Help Nepal Network successfully organized outreached medical camp for four consecutive days, offering comprehensive health services – curative, preventive, promotive and referral and reached over 1000 patients in the following places of Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk.

13 January- Thulopakhar VDC 1; Thutemane; Sindhupalchowk

14 January-Jethal VDC 9; Nigale; Sindhupalchowk

15 January-Dudh Pokhari VDC 5; Dolakha

16 January-Vinappa VDC 2; Pakhalati; Dolakha

We would like to thank the person who made an anonymous donation to support for medicine and logistics and also many thanks to Toni Marie Caravello Feimer for supporting various Medical Equipment’s.