Medical Camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli

It is a known fact that many of the earthquake victims are still without a roof over their head, despite it being a year after earthquake. Diseases are prevalent and monsoon season is quickly approaching, there is an utmost need for medical camps around Nepal as people living in remote areas generally have access to health services with shortages of almost all health professionals and health-related infrastructure.

On the same notion, Mountain Heart Nepal went for a free medical camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli on May 28, 2016 as a small effort to bring about a change in earthquake affected lives dating 2016. The team of seven medical professionals reached there at 11 am, starting the camp just half an hour later. More than 260 people turned up and received medical services.

MHN have a referral system in a tertiary hospital where people who need surgery or hospitalized cure, gets treatment under nominal charges. We too have clinical decision follow up system and people remain in long term follow up with our doctors through Telemedicine.

We are indebted to Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyalsen and our anonymous friend, for funding us for medicine and logistics, without which the camp would not have occurred. We are also deeply thankful to our international volunteers for various supports.