Dr. Gautam attending World Extreme Medicine in Edinburgh


Dr. Aban Krishna Gautam, founder and president of Mountain Heart Nepal, has been awarded with the “David Weil Extreme Medicine Bursary”.  As the recipient of this award, Dr. Gautam has been invited to attend the 2016 Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo held in Edinburgh, Scotland from November 18th until November 21st. During the conference, he will present the work done by Mountain Heart Nepal to a renowned international community of medical professionals involved with health care in remote areas and harsh conditions and also get a chance to attend various lectures and workshops concerning medical care in resource poor settings and difficult climatological conditions.

Since 2012 World extreme medicine has brought expedition doctors, paramedics, and nurses across four disciplines: disaster and humanitarian medicine, extreme, expedition and space medicine, human endurance and sports medicine plus prehospital medicine. At the Conference these health professionals will share the latest developments in extreme environment healthcare and educate others in what they can do differently.

Mountain Heart Nepal  (MHN) is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Nepal. It was founded after the devastating earthquake hit the country on April 25th, 2015. The initial purpose was disaster relief and treating those who suffered injuries during the natural disaster, but soon the organization expanded and focused its attention on providing free medical care to people in remote, inaccessible, and austere environments throughout the country.

Since its inception, MHN has conducted 28 medical camps and more than 17,000 people have benefited from the services provided. Aside from bringing doctors and other medical professionals to often overlooked districts for check-ups, treatment and prescription refills; MHN has also provided expressive therapy, psycho-social support, donations of various goods, and even basic nutrition education during those expeditions.

Dr. Gautam intends to relay what he has learned during the conference to fellow medical professionals and others who are interested. He will hold a lecture on various aspects of challenging medical care and the experience he has gained from the international community on the 10thof December in Kathmandu.