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Medical Camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli

It is a known fact that many of the earthquake victims are still without a roof over their head, despite it being a year after earthquake. Diseases are prevalent and monsoon season is quickly approaching, there is an utmost need for medical camps around Nepal as people living in remote areas generally have access to health services with shortages of almost all health professionals and health-related infrastructure.

On the same notion, Mountain Heart Nepal went for a free medical camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli on May 28, 2016 as a small effort to bring about a change in earthquake affected lives dating 2016. The team of seven medical professionals reached there at 11 am, starting the camp just half an hour later. More than 260 people turned up and received medical services.

MHN have a referral system in a tertiary hospital where people who need surgery or hospitalized cure, gets treatment under nominal charges. We too have clinical decision follow up system and people remain in long term follow up with our doctors through Telemedicine.

We are indebted to Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyalsen and our anonymous friend, for funding us for medicine and logistics, without which the camp would not have occurred. We are also deeply thankful to our international volunteers for various supports.


Medical Camp in Tistung VDC 3, Metrang; Makwanpur

Free Integrated Medical Camp was organized by Mountain Heart Nepal on 30th January 2015 in Tistung VDC 3, Metrang; Makwanpur. The objective of the camp was to provide free medical facility, i.e., consultation, treatment, medicine, and referral to the people in the community. About 490 people including men, women and children were provided health facility at their doorstep. Patients needing advanced tests or treatment were referred to our tertiary hospital under nominal charges. Mani Lama donated 150 warm winter blankets for MHN to distribute to elders and disabled people of the community. Thank you so much to our kind, caring anonymous friend who donated to support Medicine and Logistics for conducting this medical camp.


Medical Camp in Laharepauwa VDC 3; Banuwachap; Rasuwa

Mountain Heart Nepal organized a free medical camp for health checkups for 1 day on Saturday 24 January 2016 and served more than 250 earthquake affected villagers of Laharepauwa VDC 3; Banuwachap; Rasuwa. The purpose of organizing the camp was to address the winter illness issues among these individuals. We also educated people on prevention of disease, hygiene, and diet management. With the support of Mani Lama we were able to distribute 60 warm blankets among most needy widow, & senior citizens. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to our anonymous friend for financial support towards conducting this camp.


Medical Camp at various places of Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha District

Mountain Heart Nepal in collaboration with Help Nepal Network successfully organized outreached medical camp for four consecutive days, offering comprehensive health services – curative, preventive, promotive and referral and reached over 1000 patients in the following places of Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk.

13 January- Thulopakhar VDC 1; Thutemane; Sindhupalchowk

14 January-Jethal VDC 9; Nigale; Sindhupalchowk

15 January-Dudh Pokhari VDC 5; Dolakha

16 January-Vinappa VDC 2; Pakhalati; Dolakha

We would like to thank the person who made an anonymous donation to support for medicine and logistics and also many thanks to Toni Marie Caravello Feimer for supporting various Medical Equipment’s.

Integrated Medical camp in Belkot 9, Nuwakot

On December 12, 2015 Mountain Heart Nepal successfully conducted integrated medical camp and provided free medical aid to individual families affected by earthquake in Belkot 9, Nuwakot. 323 people were examined and treated with the help from 4 doctors and 7 nurses. 67 people received acupuncture treatment. We also provided child friendly space through Quake Volunteers and psychosocial support and counseling through Hug and Heal team. Afterwards we distributed soaps and toothbrushes to encourage good hygiene practice and also provided chlorine tablets to ensure safe drinking water. Thankyou Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyalsen, Andy Noble, and Maya Greet Verbist for supporting us with medicines and transportation.


MHN conducted Medical Camp in collaboration with Jay Nepal

Mountain Heart Nepal joined hands with youth volunteers of Jay Nepal to organize free medical camp for the people affected with earthquake in Bhimtar, Majhigaon, Sindhupalchowk on 8th October 2015. Along with medical professionals and Acupuncturist, MHN also supported most of the medicines including sanitation items like toothbrushes. The camp started at 12 p.m. and closed at 04 p.m. within 4 hours, more than 220 people turned up and got benefit from the health checkup. Beside Medical treatment MHN team of Acupuncturist also provided acupuncture therapy to 28 people. The Medical Camp was assisted by 5 General Physicians, 2 health assistants and 2 nurses. We thank Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyalsen, Dawa Fruitman and Sujan Pariyar for Medical supplies and items to support sanitation and hygiene. Similarly, at the end of the camp the children also received health and hygiene education.


Integrated Medical and Child Friendly Camp at Haba-8, Makwanpur

On Sep 5, 2015 Mountain Heart Nepal successfully conducted free health camp and provided free medical aid to individual families affected by earthquake in Haba-8.Makwanpur. With request from the health care personnel’s we had to conduct the camp within the premises of Primary Health Care Center to fill gaps in services and to ensure health care needs of affected populations are met. The people visiting the camp also got free medical services like blood sugar test, and counseling. 259 people visited the camp and took the health benefit. 20 people got counseling service including female community health volunteer.

Besides counseling they were also oriented about psychosocial education. We also believe acupuncture therapy as an adjunct to our medical treatment form. So we had an acupuncture team with us who provided acupuncture therapy to 57 people. We too provided child friendly space through Quake Volunteers. Children are the most vulnerable group during in the aftermath of a disaster, both emotionally and physically so we believe to provide stability for children in post-disaster through various activities like dancing, singing, games and art.



MHN Medical Camp at Tipling-4, Dhading

On 27th August Mountain Heart Nepal organized medical camp in Tiplung-3, Dhading. We examined and treated 275 people. 13 surgical cases like Uterovaginal Prolapse, Varicose Vein, Hernia and Hydrocele were referred to the district hospital with the help from Female Community Health Volunteer. One case of cyanotic congenital heart disease will be brought to Kathmandu for specialized treatment soon through our own effort. We would like to thank Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyaltsen, and Dawa Fruitman for all the support without which our medical camp wouldn’t have been successful.


Medical Camp at Ghyangphedi, Nuwakot

Mountain Heart Nepal successfully conducted a free medical camp today on August 22, in the most remote place of Nuwakot, Sisibu Ward no 6 located in Ghyangphedi. This was the first time any helicopters have reached the place.

We would like to thank all of them, who were involved in this free Medical Camp aiming to serve the people from remote area who are in desperate need of immediate help, for their valuable time to complete the camp successfully and enthusiastic. Thank you Barbara Franzel, Kunga Gyaltsen, Dawa Fruitman, Toni Marie, Maya Greet Verbist and Gorakh Bista.

The Camp served more than 200 patient in 2 and half hour that includes: Examination and Treatment for 230, Psychological Counseling to 16 and Tought Hand Washing Techniques and disseminated information on Nutrition, Immunization, and Sanitation to Children;  Distributed 50 Nutritional Supplements to Pregnant Mother and Infants; Distributed 500 Tooth Brushes to the people and another 500 handed over to the Health Post; Distributed 500 pieces of ORS, and 100 packets of Glucose D; and remaining Medicines for 500 people was handed over to the health post. We would like to thank all the people who directly and indirectly supported us to help people in need.

Moving further and talking about this camp here in Ghyanphedi, topographically this place is very difficult to reach; People have a very hard time reaching here. They have to walk on foot for hours and hours to reach here. But in our case we were lucky enough that we could reach on our destination through air. Along with the conduction of free health camp just as in our other camps, we also came here to inspect the condition of the locals and the effects of earthquake on their lifestyle. This place was selected after an intensive research after which we found out the people here are deprived of the simplest and the most basic health care services as the one and only health post of the village has been badly destructed by the earthquake.