Medical and youth friendly camp at Okharpauwa VDC 1 Nuwakot

Mountain Heart Nepal in collaboration with Quake Volunteers, Dhrupad Caravan and Help Nepal Network successfully organized Medical and Youth Friendly Camp at Nuwakot, Okharpauwa VDC 1 on July 26, 2015.

Total people Examined and Treated: 700+; Acupuncture therapy provided to 100+; Youth Friendly Camp for 700+ Children; Mosquito Nets Provided to 100 Houses; Clothes Distribution to 100 Children; Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste and Soaps distributed to 800 Children; School Bags to 100 Children; First Aid Boxes provided for 4 School.



Medical Support to Tewa

On July 14, 2015 Mountain Heart Nepal supported Tewa (non-profit organization founded in 1996) by providing medical assistance to 25 trainees. These individuals were selected from the earthquake affected 12 districts and were given leadership and psychological training for 5 days. After the completion of the training they would return to their community and help their people by providing psychosocial first aid to reduce the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder.


Medical Camp with Bring thought to Action

On July 11 Mountain Heart Nepal supported Bring thoughts to Action Medical Camp in Thali were there are about 100 family earthquake survivors taking temporary shelters from Sindhupalchowk and Tatopani. Many thanks to Dr Sudhanshu Jha an orthopedic surgeon for volunteering with MHN.


MHN fourth Medical and Child Friendly Camp at Sindhuli

Mountain heart Nepal held its fourth health camp on 14th of June 2015 at Bhiman-12 Sindhuli and it was a huge success. This report highlights the achievements of our free medical and psychological counseling camp.

Our health camp begun very early on the 14th of June, where people had already started queuing up at the venue at 5 am to ensure that they would get treated as earliest possible, and by 5 pm everybody had been attended to. Our team was deeply saddened to see such a pathetic state of health condition and no provision of good health services and facilities. People were complaining on why we conducted our medical camp so late but yet they were happy because they had never been aware of the health services they could get. Our medical team treated about 800 people from the age group of 4 months to 90 years of age. Similarly our psychosocial team gave free counseling to children’s to help them recover their normal life and start a new lifestyle after the massive earthquake. It was a true blessing to see such huge smiles on the innocent faces of the beautiful children’s again after their proper counseling.

Our organization through the support of various partners, acknowledged herein oversaw the provision of free basic medical services and free counseling to about 2000 plus people. The success of the medical camp is attributed to the quality services and counseling provided with the dedication of our medical team led by our very own Dr Aban Gautam and our psychology team lead by Indra Gurung along with the support our kind donors, partners and sponsors.


MHN conducted Health Camp at Dolakha in collaboration with Humans of Our World

Just days after the occurrence of first massive earthquake that teared Nepal into pieces, another Major earthquake occurred in Nepal on 12th of May with a magnitude of 7.3 rector scale. And, as if Dolakha already had less problems nature again played a very unfair game, the epicenter of the second quake being Dolakha. Dolakha falls in the central development region of Nepal. Dolakha is always in news for the epidemic breakdown of simple communicable diseases, poverty, unemployment and lack of health services and facilities. It is undoubtedly one of the most least developed district of Nepal.

Life in Dolakha afterwards the earthquake has become very difficult and hard. Dolakha has suffered a lot of damages in terms of both casualty and damages to the property. After two major earthquakes and one aftershock of 6.7 rector scale many people became homeless. Even though large quantities of relief materials are being sent from the capital and many agencies, people have been dropping them off only to the easily reachable southern part. However, due to the inaccessibility to the northern part agencies hesitate to go there and conduct any health camps or relief works. People there aren’t even getting the simple health services. After understanding the need of health services in the remote villages of Dolakha, a medical team of doctors and nurses from MHN under the leadership of Dr.Aban Gautam President of Mountain Heart Nepal decided to head towards Hawa-9 for two days long free health camp. Our medical team was also joined by a Canadian doctor Dr Janine Pintar. It was a humbling experience to see how committed she was to help Nepal. Being such a successful doctor it was heart touching to see how much down to earth, humble and gentle she was. We are proud to be associated with people like her.

Hawa is a small village in the northern part of Dolakha. It is about 9 hours away from the Capital city Kathmandu. Conducting this health camp wasn’t easy at all. Any medical personnel weren’t in a state of going to such a remote place for such a long time. We don’t blame them though as it is never safe to go to such a remote place at the time of monsoon and the road definitely being not safe. Landslides and any other disaster could occur at any moment. But as they say where there is will there is way, thanks to Dr Gautam’s hard efforts and strong will to help the needy people, he was successful in forming committed medical team.

Really, god helps those who help themselves. On reaching the place doctors were ravened to see such a piteous state of health services and facilities there. People there didn’t have any access to health services. Dr Gautam recalls talking to Mr. Ram Prasad a local resident of Hawa on how he told him that he and all his villagers had never seen a doctor in their entire life. Dr. Gautam describes this experience as a life changing one and recalls on how people got scared by seeing Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer. This health camp being the first one ever held in Hawa went out to be a huge success. Children’s from age group of 5 months to old man/woman of age 105 years attended our Camp. Many people from other villages also attended our camp and told that they had to cover a long distance and walk for almost 3 to 4 hours to reach our Camp. Our medical team reported simplest of cases to the most complicated ones. Our doctors treated cases of gastroenteritis, skin infection, conjunctivitis and reported cases of acute liver failure and cases of hay fever to intestinal tuberculosis. There were even surgical cases like inguinal hernia, cases of cataract, mass per abdomen, and uterovaginal prolapse among many others.

A case of homicide was also reported where a man’s head was almost chopped of by his sister in law with Axe. Our doctors resuscitated him; his BP was down to 90/60. Our doctor cleaned the wounds for almost an hour and gave him some medicines. Locals told us how they had tried to call the ambulance from 2 am in the morning but there was no sign of it till 3 pm in the evening. We stabilized the condition of the man for many hours until a vehicle finally came from the district headquarter Charikot. We were successful to treat about 750 patients. In the first day we treated about 300 patients and in the second day we treated another 350 people. Some blankets, clothes for 300 women were also distributed along with the medicines.

We would sincerely like to thank all our donors, our organizers and our medical team. Special thanks to Dr Gautam for all the planning’s and promotions. Still a lot more has to be done. We came from Dolakha with a promise to return back with more help. The smiles we could bring in people’s faces have truly inspired us to work hard. Let’s keep the good work going.


MHN conducted child friendly camp for children with HIV

In medicine, doctors are trained to identify the problem, find its root cause and come up with a targeted solution. For that reason, we have taken up the cause of educating our community about HIV/AIDS — and we have started with an orphanage home; Baby Life Home located in Kirtipur who have been supporting kids with HIV. The camp was conducted on November 24, 2015.

Similar child friendly camp was also organized for the kids with special needs; those suffering from Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and ADHD on June 30 which was also part of our expressive therapy campaign.


Mountain Heart Nepal supports HIV orphanage-Baby Life Home

Mountain Heart Nepal supported 25 children with HIV infection and living in Baby Life Home; Kirtipur through plays, poems, stories, games, painting, dancing, singing and with interactive group therapy techniques, including approaches to problem solving and positive deviance.

MHN also distributed the required stationary and educational materials from the courtesy of Education for Life to encourage the children’s to study better and continue school.

special needs

MHN conducted Child friendly camp for children with special needs

Our child friendly camp for the kids with special needs has taken place successfully on June 30. By gearing up with “Education for Life” and “Into the world” and some of our nearest and dearest friends we volunteered for about 50 kids in a Niraml Vikash Vidhyalaya School located in Kathmandu.
We tried our level best to entertain the kids and bring them out of the trauma and fear resulted by the earthquake. Thanks to our friend Flame dancer for her amazing dance that made the environment really very cheerful and fun. Her dance was so entertaining that at the end literally child ended up on the dance floor grooving to the music. Special thanks to Mr Krisisna and his beautiful soulful music that relaxed everyone’s mind and heart. Another main attraction of the camp was the art therapy from EFL and Into the World. The children were so happy to create their own masterpiece in a blank canvas they were given. There was also a stall where they could paint their face and take as much balloons as they wanted.


MHN Post Disaster Psychosocial support activities served more than 6000 earthquake survivors

As we all know that the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and 7.3 magnitudes on 12 have traumatized our community. Since then our goal was to provide the local people with psychological support. And the one easy method we doctors from Mountain Heart Nepal used was expressive therapy which allows people to express themselves in different way not necessarily by speaking especially for children through arts, music, and dance; expressing themselves and relieving their stress and preventing future mental health problem.

Such camps were conducted on places of SIndhuli, Nuwakot, Makwanpur and Kathmandu and served more than 6000 men, women and children.