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MHN receives David Weil Extreme Medicine Bursary

Mountain Heart Nepal is proud to announce that it has been awarded with the ‘David Weil Extreme Medicine Bursary’. This will allow Dr. Aban Gautam President of MHN to attend the 2016 International Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo held in Edinburgh, Scotland (18-21 November). At the conference, he will have a chance to present the work done by Mountain Heart Nepal to a renowned international community of medical professionals involved with healthcare in a variety of remote and austere environments.

Dr. Aban Gautam, president of Mountain Heart Nepal: ‘It is a tremendous honour and privilege to be granted this amazing opportunity. I am very thankful for receiving the David Weil Extreme Medicine Bursary. It is a great acknowledgment and recognition of the humanitarian work we do with Mountain Heart Nepal and all the people involved with the organisation. I am excited to present the projects by MHN together with Dr Hart, but also very eager to learn from the experience of others in the field. I hope to learn a lot from this opportunity and that MHN will be of even better service to the people back home through the knowledge we are able to gather from this amazing opportunity.’

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Elizabeth Hawley as Goodwill Ambassador

21 July, 2016; MHN had the honor of meeting with Elizabeth Hawley, the founder of the Himalayan Database. Miss Hawley has agreed to be listed as a goodwill ambassador of Mountain Heart Nepal, and at 92 years old, she is a legend within the mountaineering community. Miss Hawley emigrated to Nepal in 1960 just as the country was beginning to open up to the outside world. She has met and interviewed world famous mountaineers such as Sir Edmund Hillary and Reinhold Messner.


MHN celebrated its first anniversary

Mountain Heart Nepal celebrated its first Anniversary on July 16, 2016. MHN gathered and formed executive committee for the term 2016/17, consisting of 10 members. We took this moment to look back and celebrate our numerous successes in the past year along with discussing MHN’s plans for the future.

MHN to support clinic located in Everest Region through volunteer Exchange

Nepal is a country full of people with noble hearts. Their hearts are not only strong but also welcoming, despite the surrounding devastation. With hearts as strong as the mountains of the Himalayas, everyone can learn something from the hospitality and resilience of these mountain people.


However, these same people are often times unable to receive proper medical treatment due to the remoteness of their villages. Despite the government’s best efforts many areas in the Everest region have relied solely on nursing professionals. We at Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN), dream to make accessible healthcare a reality. We dream that no single person will be without effective medical treatment just because of his/her geographical location. We remain committed to the best in order to improve the standard of healthcare for the people in our reach. We also dream to build clinics to provide quality health services in places where it was previously considered a luxury.

In order to realize this dream, we have launched a campaign, to bring about change. We have joined hands with a Ghau Ghar clinic located in Dudhkunda-9, Solukhumbu, where we will mobilize the national and international skilled health volunteers, to help the community.


This community based initiative will not only provide skill development training to the nurses there but also provide first aid training to the local villagers. We believe in community participation on every step and hope this small step of ours will bring about a positive change in the lives of locals. As our resources continue to grow, this campaign will continue to spread to other districts of Nepal.

24th Medical Camp at Tarkeshwor 8; Kathmandu

In the wake of 2015’s devastating earthquake, people from all walks of life experienced loss. Regardless of whether they lived in rural or urban areas, many are still haunted by the possibility of another earthquake. Whilst most of our camps were previously concentrated on the rural areas of Nepal, we were beginning to feel that Kathmandu, the fifth most affected district, was being to feel left behind. Those who live on the outskirts of Kathmandu are in dire need of medical services, many however are not able to afford medical treatment.


To remedy this situation, Mountain Heart Nepal conducted a free medical camp at a home for children with disabilities ran by the Shree Mother Nepal Disabled Association on 25th June, 2016. The objective of holding a free medical camp at the children’s home was to provide both preventive and curative treatments for common conditions within the community, with a special emphasis on individuals suffering from both mental and physical disabilities. Additionally, MHN provided individual counseling on personal hygiene and disease prevention.

The MHN team included five doctors and three nurses reached the home at 10:00 am and were overwhelmed by the presence of Osho discipline; Swami Ananda Arun, the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapobhan at our camp site.


We were able to provide medical services to approximately 160 people, the majority of which were children. MHN diagnosed several cases of diabetes and wrote referrals for patients that were suffering from dental cavities. We also treated several cases including scabies and various types of infections.

We express our hearty thanks to Anonymous Friend, Nepallife Direct, Barbara Franzel, Kunga Gyaltsen, and Maya Greet Verbist for the help, without which the camp would not have occurred. Thank you all.


Medical Camp at Rasuwa for Internally Displaced People

A free medical camp was conducted by Mountain Heart Nepal for 1 day on Saturday 11 June 2016 at Laharepauwa VDC 1; Rasuwa and more than 550 internally displaced earthquake affected villagers of Hakuu VDC 8 and 9 took consultation and treatment from doctors at the camp.

We would like to thank our generous donors Nepallife Direct, Dawa Fruitman, Liz Godfrey, Marpa Gompa Calgary, Kay & Lisa, Kunga & Barbara and our anonymous friend for contributing to our medical camp.


Medical Camp at KaashiKhanda 5; Dapcha; Kavre.

Mountain Heart Nepal in collaboration with Help Nepal Network and local volunteers from Sahayatra Nepal successfully organized a free medical camp at KaashiKhanda 5; Dapcha; Kavre on 4 June. A few days prior to our arrival a 40 year old woman from the village died of a snake bite. Due to the distance of the health center, she was unable to recive immeadite treatment and died enroute.

As part of the health camp, free consultations and medicine was given to all those who attended. More than 250 people were treated at the KaashiKhanda medical camp.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to our anonymous friend, Barbara Franzel Nepal, and Kunga Gyaltsen for various support.

Medical Camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli

It is a known fact that many of the earthquake victims are still without a roof over their head, despite it being a year after earthquake. Diseases are prevalent and monsoon season is quickly approaching, there is an utmost need for medical camps around Nepal as people living in remote areas generally have access to health services with shortages of almost all health professionals and health-related infrastructure.

On the same notion, Mountain Heart Nepal went for a free medical camp at Purano Jhagajoli VDC 1; Sindhuli on May 28, 2016 as a small effort to bring about a change in earthquake affected lives dating 2016. The team of seven medical professionals reached there at 11 am, starting the camp just half an hour later. More than 260 people turned up and received medical services.

MHN have a referral system in a tertiary hospital where people who need surgery or hospitalized cure, gets treatment under nominal charges. We too have clinical decision follow up system and people remain in long term follow up with our doctors through Telemedicine.

We are indebted to Barbara Franzel Nepal, Kunga Gyalsen and our anonymous friend, for funding us for medicine and logistics, without which the camp would not have occurred. We are also deeply thankful to our international volunteers for various supports.