Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN) has been working since the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015. Our mission was to initially provide medical treatment to the victims of the earthquake and provide accessible healthcare to areas where it has previously been inaccessible. Now, after a year our focus has changed in order to promote and create a more self-sustainable health practice.

By constructing clinics in remote mountain areas of Nepal and sponsoring both medical and surgical treatment as well as education for under  privileged children living in remote areas; MHN aims to lay the foundations for accessible healthcare in the remote mountain regions of Nepal. Ultimately, the chief goal of MHN will be to see the construction of our very own tertiary hospital with support from the MHN Foundation.



To make health care more accessible to all patients regardless religion, complexion, gender, ethnicity, nationality, caste and creed.

1.MHN Mathi

MHN Will

1. Work in the development, improvement and maintenance of health services and facilities by means of health camps, constructing clinics, and the implementation of community health education programs.

2. Provide health volunteers for different health related programmes such as: health camps, sanitation development, disaster management, blood donations etc.

3. Sponsor students from remote areas who wish to become medical professionals.

4. Collaborate with other public health organizations and work with hand by hands for the welfare of society.

5. Promote health research among the medical students through the various tools and techniques of public health.

6. To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for use in promoting the above objects and carrying on the work of the Foundation.

7. Promote sustainable tourism and environment practices.

Approval to work in Nepal

MHN works in Nepal under a General Agreement and Project Agreement with the Social Welfare Council of the Government of Nepal. Both agreements are renewed every five years.

Political stance

3political stance

MHN is not associated with any political party. We respect the representative role of community leaders and politicians in society, and will seek their views and input. However, we will not allow any political group or party to direct or influence our activities and programmes.

MHN Funding

4bmhn funding

MHN receives funding from international organizations, institutions, and individuals, from different countries around the world.