24th Medical Camp at Tarkeshwor 8; Kathmandu

In the wake of 2015’s devastating earthquake, people from all walks of life experienced loss. Regardless of whether they lived in rural or urban areas, many are still haunted by the possibility of another earthquake. Whilst most of our camps were previously concentrated on the rural areas of Nepal, we were beginning to feel that Kathmandu, the fifth most affected district, was being to feel left behind. Those who live on the outskirts of Kathmandu are in dire need of medical services, many however are not able to afford medical treatment.


To remedy this situation, Mountain Heart Nepal conducted a free medical camp at a home for children with disabilities ran by the Shree Mother Nepal Disabled Association on 25th June, 2016. The objective of holding a free medical camp at the children’s home was to provide both preventive and curative treatments for common conditions within the community, with a special emphasis on individuals suffering from both mental and physical disabilities. Additionally, MHN provided individual counseling on personal hygiene and disease prevention.

The MHN team included five doctors and three nurses reached the home at 10:00 am and were overwhelmed by the presence of Osho discipline; Swami Ananda Arun, the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapobhan at our camp site.


We were able to provide medical services to approximately 160 people, the majority of which were children. MHN diagnosed several cases of diabetes and wrote referrals for patients that were suffering from dental cavities. We also treated several cases including scabies and various types of infections.

We express our hearty thanks to Anonymous Friend, Nepallife Direct, Barbara Franzel, Kunga Gyaltsen, and Maya Greet Verbist for the help, without which the camp would not have occurred. Thank you all.